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Kindred Kids

Kindred Youth Initiative

Providing area school aged student-athletes, grades K through 12 with educational
enrichment, athletic development and personal growth skills. Our aim is to teach these
students to master proven skills and techniques to improve their overall experience and
grades in school. The Kindred Foundation encourages growth in decision making, planning
and the fulfillment of life goals with college as a first step.

Private music lessons for students of all ages are essential to a young musician’s growth and education, but in some schools the only available music instruction is from the school’s band director. There is simply no way parents can afford the luxury of private music lessons from an outside teacher. A student needs the benefit of outside one-on- one instruction in conjunction with whatever instruction they may receive from their school programs.

Young adults are becoming more and more comfortable within the world of extracurricular activities in sports and arts communities. The Kindred Foundation sponsors many within these communities: Sports, Music, Dance, Film, Theater, DJ, Poetry, Fashion Design and Cooking all fall within our Arts Program.