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Kindred Project Semicolon

For someone battling with a mental health condition, the basic necessity of a stable home can be difficult to obtain. The absence of safe and affordable housing is one of the most powerful barriers to recovery. When this basic need is not met, people cycle in and out of homelessness, jails, shelters and hospitals. Having a safe, appropriate place to live can provide stability to allow you to achieve your goals.

Kindred Project Semicolon was established to provide housing and social support to individuals battling mental illness. Trained staff members are present 24/7 to provide care and assistance with things like medication, daily living skills, meals, paying bills, transportation and treatment management. This group home provides residents with their own bed, dresser and closet space, and shared bathrooms and common areas. This is the best type of housing for people experiencing a serious mental illness which may affect their ability to perform their daily tasks.

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